Monday, January 16, 2012

smoke signals

life is always changing. things start & stop. sometimes you need to take a step back & just breathe. today was one of those days at my house.
my neighbor's house caught on fire today. they lost everything they own. the fire was apparently started by the heating system. the smoke was not that noticeable at first but has left a lasting impression on all that were here today.
the kids were devastated by the fact their stuff is now gone. the little boy is mortified that they no longer have a television & keeps asking when they will get a new one. the little girl is just lost by the fact they have nothing & no bed to sleep in of their own.
i have never had to experience anything like this so i do not know how they are feeling or what thoughts are going though their minds tonight. i do know how it feels to lose a person & thankfully no loved ones were in the house at the time of the fire.
i spent much of the afternoon talking to people trying to get clothes & diapers for the family. i posted on my facebook asking friends & family for anything they could spare. i was a little shocked by the amount or well lack of comments in response to my post about the days events. people i expected to comment that are always volunteering & helping those in need were nowhere to be found & in their place were people i rarely speak to or never thought would respond. i amazed daily by the people that surround me. people i call friends & people i do not associate with alike are always surprising me.
now let me clear some things up. i am not exactly what you would call friends with my neighbor but i am doing everything i would do if the same thing had happened to my best friend or a family member. i can only hope that the same generosity and kindness would be shown to me if it had been my house smoldering tonight.
the lack of generosity & love for one another in this world astounds me. love thy neighbor as thy self? i may not exactly love my neighbor but in their time of need i can most definetly overlook that fact & treat them with all the compassion i would expect if it were me or my family. now don't get the wrong message from all of this i am not asking you to pat me on the back for being a do gooder or anything like that, i just wish we could all treat each other with the respect & compassion we want to be shown ourselves.

things happen for a reason. i believe this happened because we all needed to remember what it is in life that is truly important. things do not matter they can always be replaced. the people that enrich our lives & give or lives meaning can never be repalced. it is the things that can not be held, the things that can not be burned that, the things that can not be changed the elements that make life truly worth while.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

oh hello there!

ok so yeah i totally just noticed i have not posted in ages! yeah. things have happened that i have not blogged! OH NOOOOO!!!!

so here is a quick look at that went on(in no particular order) while i was so busy i couldn't take time to blog.

more major holidays. christmas. halloween. thanksgiving. nothing super awesome went on at our house around any of those holidays.

we have been to the doctor several times in the last few months. the monster seems to have an issue with UTIs so e have been on antibiotics & things like that. aparently it has been hurting when she pees to the pont of screaming. we are going to a urologist & have tests scheduled to see what exactly it is that is going on with her.

at christmas the mosnter racked up as uaual. nothing new there. she got toys & clothes & all things JUSTIN BIEBER. she is obsessed with the biebs.  she now has posters of justin all over her room. & yes they are on a 1st name basis now he is just justin. she is in LOVE with him like i was in love with NKOTB. my kid is a belieber.

halloween lead us to the search of a new costume. this year she was a pirate. she was a cute slightly girly pirate. she had boots a hat & even a pint size sword.

oh & we also got a dog. his name is boss. he is an american bulldog. boss is the laziest dog on the planet but also one of the cutest!

 we love our puppy. he is such a silly boy.