Friday, December 3, 2010

a word from our sponsor.... ...if you never noticed.....i have a ton of other super duper cool way awesome blogs from other people (yeah not mine, one makes my brain wanna ooze out my ear) listed on here. off to the side in a lil list i like to call ...dun dun dun...OTHER GREATNESS.....**insert round of applause**

you really should check out some of the greatness of others i have listed! they totally ROCK!! this is probably the most random & assorted list you will find in your lifetime & that of your children & your children's children. has anyone noticed i like to use the symbol  & a whole lot....yeah well i do....its kind of makes me do ***....& these........
thank you for your time & enjoy reading all the super nifty blogs i find :) i am always adding new ones so check in often. if you would like your blog featured here leave a comment & will be more than glad to add your greatness.