Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We have a gender for monster #2!
 (Yes, I nearly forgot to make this post in all the excitement. oops.)
This baby has been so very different for a very good reason. Monster #2 is going to make BIG changes to our little world as we know it. 
Monster #2 is a.....
This is monster #2's face. Ain't he a gorgeous lil thang?!?! Handsome already. No, I will not post a pic of his naughty bits, you just have to take my word for it that this is a boy. 
I am clueless when it comes to boy babies. I have only ever even babysat one boy in my whole life much less raise one. All I have ever know is glitter & hair bows & sparkly girly things. We live in a house run by girls that is covered in pink & shiny bits n' bobs. I am not sure how a boy is going to cope in our house, heck hubby barely makes it around here unscathed. I am pretty sure at least once before he turns 1 year old he will be attacked by the 2 girl monsters & have bows put in his hair and possibly have some make up applied. 
The balance of glitter & girly is now going to be thrown askew with trucks & bugs. How will the universe cope with this shift? Who knows what will happen & how we will all be changed. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ONE more day!!!

I have to wait one more torturous day to find out the gender of this baby. We find out Thursday October 3rd. if monster #2 will be a giggly girl monster OR a snotty boy monster. OR as my mother keeps telling me we will be finding out what all 5 of them are. Do you know what would happen if the ultrasound tech told me there were 5 babies in there?!?!?! If you said stroke out on the spot you might be right! Someone would have to catch my poor hubby before he hit the floor although same goes if they say there is any amount more than just the one. I am about to go nutty not knowing yet. In a perfect world you would know if it was a girl or boy the minute you peed on the stick...sadly not a perfect world.

You are probably wondering how far along I actually am at this point since we are going in for a gender scan. I am due February 23rd at this point I am almost 20 weeks. Hopefully baby will cooperate and my next post will be letting everyone know the gender of our precious monster #2.
This pregnancy has been crazy for me. I have been sick since way before we even found out I was pregnant and all I feel like doing is napping. 
This is all hard to fit into a schedule around a homeschooled 6 year old.

 The monster is fine with the fact she will no longer be an only but is torn by what we will eventually name monster #2. My monster votes we name the new one Pinky Pie or Ella of Frell. Hubby & I are actually very torn on what we like and do not have a single full name picked for a girl or a boy as of yet. I am hoping we can come to some sort of agreement before the baby gets here so we can have a real name on the poor thing's birth certificate & important stuff before we leave the hospital. With the monster I knew for a while even before the ultrasound she would be a girl. It didn't take us this long to pick her name, we had it ready & waiting the minute we were told for sure she was a girl. Monster #2 has me thrown for a loop I have no clue what it is going to be, aside form the obviously being a human baby. I suspect that much to the hubby's dismay #2 may very well be another girl but I would not take any bets on it. I am confident that whatever name we choose it will still be less embarrassing than being named North West, Sage Moonblood or Bear Blue.

*Mommy confession...let me air some dirty laundry here for a minute.*
I am also hoping not gain a million pounds with this monster. I worked so hard to lose weight before I found out I pregnant & plan to get right back on track as soon as baby gets here. A loss of 45 pounds is nothing to sneeze at & I really don't want to sound selfish here but I will be a bit depressed if I gain much of that back.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wishes won't wash dishes...

BUT 6 year olds will!!
I told the monster now that mommy was pregnant she was going to have to help out by doing chores. She decided she wanted to help by doing dishes. 

I know it may sound cruel to have the little one doing dishes but like I said she ASKED.
She loves washing dishes. It is crazy to hear a child so small beg to wash dishes. She does a good job too. I was amazed by her skills i thought i would have to re wash or throw them in the dishwasher but nope. And yes i put most of the dishes in the dishwasher before she ever gets in the kitchen. She washed forks, spoons, cups and plastic dishes mostly. 
I am glad she is so eager to help out especially since I know how soon it will wear off. The first sign of teenageness and I know my eager dishwasher will barely want to load the actual dishwasher much less use her hands and soap to was them. I cherish the water covered floor and her use of entirely too much soap. She is so happy doing her tiny load of dishes while she stands on  her little step.

Time is fleeting and will be over all too soon.
Grab the little moments and hold them tight.
Love and be loved it will be over all too soon.
Enjoy the small things and make them last.
Share the things that make you happiest and the things that make you cry for time is fleeting and will be over all too soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

morning GLORY that I am preggers I feel wonderful. Yeah that was sarcasm cause I feel like I have been dragged behind a truck for several miles. With the monster I had some sickness but not usually in the morning this time it is sorta all over the place. I have yet to have a day where I don't feel a constant nap is a necessity.
I am thinking this monster may be another girl. Hubby is hoping for a boy since we have two girls already. I am gonna hate to have to beak the news to him in a couple of months when we find out I am right. So far the Chinese calendar thingys say girl, I am craving sweets and the heart rater is over 160. Hopefully I am right cause I have no clue what to do with a boy, I can NOT operate those things! Not to mention we have tons of girls things laying around already so a girl is just cheaper. 
I have not felt like eating at all since I get sick every time I do. I have stocked my pantry with loads of ginger snaps, smarties (they help with the queasy) and cinnamon roasted almonds (not for anything just yummy) so maybe I will make it thru this alive.  Nobody around me seems to give a flying two cents that I feel bad they just seem to think I make this up like it is fun, I will have my revenge (muhahahahahahaaaa)

This is the very first photo of the monster to be. I don't think I am feeding it enough cause she said it didn't quiet measure up to 9 weeks. hmmm. Gotta get this monster up to snuff.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The hubby had a birthday yesterday! We had cake over the weekend and some silliness ensued. Here is the photographic evidence of the events.

This was the cake. Small but very yummy! And YES we lit all of the candles.

 Everybody in their fancy party hats.

 The birthday boy.
 Isn't he handsome with that big smile??

The big monster flashing her best smile!

The monster. As always thinking she is princess.

My Dad (the original monster) dressed to the nines. Man he knows how to party :)

The hubby's birthday present!! Another monster on the way!! I am roughly 7 weeks and due in February.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


The monster had friends over.
Here is a look into what happens goes on when someone else wanders into the monster's little world.

 Getting everything ready to start the application process.
They had enough makeup to start a beauty supply store.

Fancy shoes are always a must.
Yes, this is a "pair" of shoes on one child. 
The creativity of small children is boundless.

 Time to start fixing hair! Hair styling is not the monster's strong suit so by the time all was said and done someone else had done hair rather than her.

Anyone up for a mani/pedi?? 
This crew sure was!
Polish was flying everywhere. The monster loves painting nails and isn't half bad at it.


This is the monster's bossy face. 
I took this one for blackmail.
She was having an attitude and it was an ugly one. 
I don't call her the monster for nothing.

Overall the girls had a blast. They always have tons of fun hanging out together and playing. The monster can't wait for their next playdate.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WACKY wednesday

What did you wake up to this morning?
I Woke up to our neighbor's donkeys in our front yard!
Yup. you read right. DONKEYS. 
Levi and his lady Patches spent most of their day perusing the vegetable section in our garden. They also decided to eat out of the bird feeder and were fighting over it at one point. I knew you had to worry about squirrels getting the birdseed but donkeys were a new one for me, well, until today anyway.
After much indomitability on Levi's part we finally managed to get them back home. We learned two stubborn mules are stronger than one ATV. We also learned that Tank is good at herding things and rather enjoys it. The monsters liked that we had visitors first thing this morning since it shook up what could have been a very boring day otherwise. Levi is a very friendly beast of burden and actually walked right up to my monster to be petted, nothing just walks up to the monster. I am glad our new friends made it home safe and sound and maybe just maybe they won't decide to visit again for a while :)

 In the midst of all the donkey drama it rained a bit off and on. Two monsters saw an opportunity to as Ms. Frizzle would say "Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" and played in the mud for a bit. This was the very first time for little cousin monster and my monster made sure she was well initiated.

That is one way to get a dirty diaper! By the time they were done they were filthy and look like a couple of little piglets. These two were so dirty the water in the tub turned brown.