Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wishes won't wash dishes...

BUT 6 year olds will!!
I told the monster now that mommy was pregnant she was going to have to help out by doing chores. She decided she wanted to help by doing dishes. 

I know it may sound cruel to have the little one doing dishes but like I said she ASKED.
She loves washing dishes. It is crazy to hear a child so small beg to wash dishes. She does a good job too. I was amazed by her skills i thought i would have to re wash or throw them in the dishwasher but nope. And yes i put most of the dishes in the dishwasher before she ever gets in the kitchen. She washed forks, spoons, cups and plastic dishes mostly. 
I am glad she is so eager to help out especially since I know how soon it will wear off. The first sign of teenageness and I know my eager dishwasher will barely want to load the actual dishwasher much less use her hands and soap to was them. I cherish the water covered floor and her use of entirely too much soap. She is so happy doing her tiny load of dishes while she stands on  her little step.

Time is fleeting and will be over all too soon.
Grab the little moments and hold them tight.
Love and be loved it will be over all too soon.
Enjoy the small things and make them last.
Share the things that make you happiest and the things that make you cry for time is fleeting and will be over all too soon.

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