Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WACKY wednesday

What did you wake up to this morning?
I Woke up to our neighbor's donkeys in our front yard!
Yup. you read right. DONKEYS. 
Levi and his lady Patches spent most of their day perusing the vegetable section in our garden. They also decided to eat out of the bird feeder and were fighting over it at one point. I knew you had to worry about squirrels getting the birdseed but donkeys were a new one for me, well, until today anyway.
After much indomitability on Levi's part we finally managed to get them back home. We learned two stubborn mules are stronger than one ATV. We also learned that Tank is good at herding things and rather enjoys it. The monsters liked that we had visitors first thing this morning since it shook up what could have been a very boring day otherwise. Levi is a very friendly beast of burden and actually walked right up to my monster to be petted, nothing just walks up to the monster. I am glad our new friends made it home safe and sound and maybe just maybe they won't decide to visit again for a while :)

 In the midst of all the donkey drama it rained a bit off and on. Two monsters saw an opportunity to as Ms. Frizzle would say "Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" and played in the mud for a bit. This was the very first time for little cousin monster and my monster made sure she was well initiated.

That is one way to get a dirty diaper! By the time they were done they were filthy and look like a couple of little piglets. These two were so dirty the water in the tub turned brown.

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