Monday, June 17, 2013

island time?? yes, please!

WE WENT ON VACATION!!! And I didn't want to come back home!
I LOVE Gulf Shores!! can you say AHHHMAAAZZING!?!?!?
SAND!!! I can smell the beach now!

We played in the sand and collected shells and just generally had a grand old time.
I wish i could say I had tons of pictures of my family to show off but sadly my family HATES to have their pictures taken.

On the way down. We left the house at around 5am so they were still a little on the sleepy side.

This mommy is thankful for iphones and kindles and amazing apps that keep children of all ages busy and quiet.

This is what most of her ride down looked like.

teenagers don't do mornings.

 We went to Fort Morgan.

The monster had more fun than anyone...well besides me.

The monster loves the civil war so this tickled her fancy to no end.

She loved all the cannons and dark & creepy spaces.

There were TONS of stairs.

We also went to the zoo.

This is my favorite zoo ever!

you can feed so many of the animals.

I always find something neat in the gift shop when we go. This trip the monster got  a sand filled giraffe which was super awesome since she collects giraffes.

My monster likes to feed things,
which is ironic since she doesn't actually like to eat food herself.

This guy was cute. He even seemed to like the monster right back.

we didn't stick around one animal very long since there were so many for her to look at.

We even managed to find the time to feed ourselves while were visiting. I had a lovely salad at this not so amazing little hole in the wall. We found a favorite place to eat but i am not telling because then it wouldn't be our secret place anymore and we would never be able to get a table there again if everyone knew how awesome it was. We only found two places that were less than spectacular in the whole week we spent vegging at the beach.

                                                 I WANNA GO BACK NOW!!!

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