Sunday, November 28, 2010

turkey & dressing & pie...oh my!

ok so i think we just had a holiday or something...well there were people clogging up my living room anyway.

is it just me are holidays not the same anymore...oh wait they aren't  & i think i know why...I AM AN ADULT NOW...thats right i almost forgot about that. this year i had to cook & then clean up the mess not just go out & play football or something like that. i have been told that next year i am in charge of the turkey...yeah you read that cooking a turkey...yup...everyone back away from the kitchen & grab the safety gear!!

our thanksgiving was kinda crazy people had to work & other people had places to be. the monster is picky & only wants food if it is on someone else's plate. i don't know what it is but she she will eat a bite or 2 off of her own plate say she is full & go mooch off the plate next to her....for example, we ate lunch at church today & she had her very own plate of wonderful looking food to have all to her lil ol self BUT she eats one thing off it & turns to her granny & eats her food...why do kids do this?

i can't wait for christmas. i love the look the monster gets on her face when she opens presents! she is always genuinely surprised & LOVES everything she gets.

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