Sunday, January 2, 2011

christmas? did that really just happen?

i remember when christmas held so mcuh hope & magic. all the waiting & anticipating. waiting for santa to come & leave all those shiny presents. waiting to get your lil paws on your gifts & tear into em like a doberman with a fresh cut steak. that last gift was such a let down. knowing there was nothing left to open was such a sad moment.

this year brought a new low at our house. WE ALL GOT THE FLU! it was horrible! first my mother-in-law got it & then the monster got it & then i got it & then the hubby got it.  i had it on christmas day & felt rotten. i feel like  i missed christmas with the monster cause i was sick.  not to worry though we are all better now & back to normal (whatever that is).

the monster got so much stuff this year it was insane! she got the leapster 2 she had been wanting forever. she also got 5 games to play on it & a free download that came with it. i said i would not get the monster a video game until she was much older but this thing is great she actually learns things when she plays itbut not the things she would learn from a playstation game or something like killing on these games & she'll have to be atleast 12 before she learns to fly a plane. it tells me if she getting questions right & everything.  she also got tons of clothes & toys & even a new pair of shoes. now i just have to clean her room to make room for all the new stuff she has.

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