Sunday, January 30, 2011

monsters make messes!

when i was a kid i was always getting in trouble for my room being a mess. my room was never just a little messy if it was a mess it was a MESS. my room looked like you needed to call FEMA.
BUT...i always knew where everything was. not sure how i knew where it all was but that's the story i told my mom.
now that the monster is almost four she has learned the fine art of making excuses for not cleaning her room. so far her favorite excuse for not getting things done is "i am tired." or the occasional "i don't feel good.". she is getting more & more fond of using these excuses to TRY to get out of cleaning her room. the other day i tried to get her to clean her disaster area, oh wait i mean her room, & she looks at me & says "i don't feel like it." REALLY?!??!?! you gotta be kidding me!! DON'T FEEL LIKE IT?!?! YOU ARE 3&1/2 NOT 13!!! GIMME A BREAK!!
not only is her room a mess she has started bringing toy & junk into MY LIVINGROOM. yeah, the living room. we have a rule, NO TOYS IN THE LIVING ROOM, but it seems she may have forgotten this lil gem. she has her room & the classroom for her things. the living room is supposed to be off limits to the nonliving.
in addition to her messes she is now also the queen of dirty laundry(actual laundry). she has more dirty clothes laying around than a laundromat. i am not even sure when she wears all of these clothes i find hiding under toys & between mattresses.i have even found socks in the trash can! i guess she thinks clothes just magically appear out of thin air & there is some laundry fairy that flits around washing & folding her clothes(I WISH!!). my lil monster keeps me so busy with her laundry i barely have time to do anything else. i spend most of the day picking up loose socks,  folding tiny tee shirts, little jeans & don't get me started on the towels she messes just to dry her itty bitty munchkin hands with. 
maybe someday she will learn to do her own laundry & clean her own room but until i will gladly accept the responsibility as it is the duty of a mommy :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new huh?!?!?

apparently we have stepped into a new year. i nearly missed this. i woke up friday morning thinking it was a regular ordinary was new year's eve!! i thought i still had weeks to prepare for this!!  guess i should check the calendar every now & then.

happy new year to everyone! i hope 2011 is filled with fun, family & friends & lots of money.

christmas? did that really just happen?

i remember when christmas held so mcuh hope & magic. all the waiting & anticipating. waiting for santa to come & leave all those shiny presents. waiting to get your lil paws on your gifts & tear into em like a doberman with a fresh cut steak. that last gift was such a let down. knowing there was nothing left to open was such a sad moment.

this year brought a new low at our house. WE ALL GOT THE FLU! it was horrible! first my mother-in-law got it & then the monster got it & then i got it & then the hubby got it.  i had it on christmas day & felt rotten. i feel like  i missed christmas with the monster cause i was sick.  not to worry though we are all better now & back to normal (whatever that is).

the monster got so much stuff this year it was insane! she got the leapster 2 she had been wanting forever. she also got 5 games to play on it & a free download that came with it. i said i would not get the monster a video game until she was much older but this thing is great she actually learns things when she plays itbut not the things she would learn from a playstation game or something like killing on these games & she'll have to be atleast 12 before she learns to fly a plane. it tells me if she getting questions right & everything.  she also got tons of clothes & toys & even a new pair of shoes. now i just have to clean her room to make room for all the new stuff she has.