Monday, May 23, 2011

monsters in hula skirts

birthdays are always fun & around our house they seem to last a few days instead of just one. the monster's birthday was on thursday. the sister-in-law & i took her to old mexico for lunch.
they tried to put the sombrero on her & sing to her & she FREAKED out! she climed up me & got cool whip & cholocate all over me (they rub the spoon in your face for the pic). she screamed & cried. i don't think they even got to finish singing to her because of how she reacted.
the monster's birthday party was not until saturday. the party had a luau theme. she picked the theme on her own. i bought nearly all of the decorations & supplies from the dollar tree & my mom made the cake.

the inside of the cake was layers of rainbow colors.(not sure why i have no picture of the inside of the cake)

we had cookies, chips, ice cream and popsicles.

the kids played ring toss, blew bubbles, jumped on the trampoline and played in the monster's play house.

i almost didn't have candles to put on the cake. they were lost in the junk drawer in the kitchen.
the monster had to have some help blowing out the very last candle.  thanks to some eager volunteers all her wishes will come true.

the kids ended up playing in the water hose with the bucket that had bubbles in it. not sure how that happened but at least they were clean.

we gave them margaritas  in spite of their ages. ok so not really. they drank kool aid from the fancy glasses and felt like grown ups for the day.
    even the dog got in on the fun! she just wouldn't wear the sunglasses they wanted to put on her. 

and in the end my little monster was officially 4 years old. she had a great time with all of our family & friends. i could not have asked for a better party for her. now i have  to figure out how to top it for next year :)

the after party

after the party the girls decided they needed to keep rockin & had a tea party in the monster's room.

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