Saturday, January 14, 2012

oh hello there!

ok so yeah i totally just noticed i have not posted in ages! yeah. things have happened that i have not blogged! OH NOOOOO!!!!

so here is a quick look at that went on(in no particular order) while i was so busy i couldn't take time to blog.

more major holidays. christmas. halloween. thanksgiving. nothing super awesome went on at our house around any of those holidays.

we have been to the doctor several times in the last few months. the monster seems to have an issue with UTIs so e have been on antibiotics & things like that. aparently it has been hurting when she pees to the pont of screaming. we are going to a urologist & have tests scheduled to see what exactly it is that is going on with her.

at christmas the mosnter racked up as uaual. nothing new there. she got toys & clothes & all things JUSTIN BIEBER. she is obsessed with the biebs.  she now has posters of justin all over her room. & yes they are on a 1st name basis now he is just justin. she is in LOVE with him like i was in love with NKOTB. my kid is a belieber.

halloween lead us to the search of a new costume. this year she was a pirate. she was a cute slightly girly pirate. she had boots a hat & even a pint size sword.

oh & we also got a dog. his name is boss. he is an american bulldog. boss is the laziest dog on the planet but also one of the cutest!

 we love our puppy. he is such a silly boy.

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