Thursday, September 23, 2010

not so local terrorism

ok, so, we went with the sister-in-law to mongotmery today. yup you heard me i took the monster out of town. the day started off ok but as the day progressed that all changed.

we ALMOST woke up late but i managed to drag my lazy self out of bed just in the nick of time. i managed to get a shower in record time(pretty sure it was under 5 minutes). i got myself & the monster dressed & ready to leave before my sister-in-law got her to pick us up, which NEVER happens.

 now we are off on our little journey. we make a brief stop for gas but then we are on the road again. the monster is basically good the whole way there. basically, all except for the nonstop talking. half way there she just stopped making any sense at all. she was content as long as her nini played "the bah bah song" (blah blah blah by ke$ha)

we have made it in one piece to the mall!! yay for us!

let the terrorism commence! we reach sears & pick up the glasses that were the whole point of our little rendezvous. everyone has skipped breakfast so we make our way to the food court. the lovely ladies at our favorite chinese place are busy handing out samples of the day's fare, naturally we have try all of them before deciding. we make our purchases & scan for a good place to sit(when you have a 3yr old its natural to pick a seat next to the trash cans). the monster picks form both of our plates & very quicky decides she is full.
we trash our empty plates & head to our first store.

we make the mistake of taking the little diva in claire's. she LOVES jewlery & hats & purses & shoes. the monster is in heaven! the can't decide what to touch first. she quickly finds some dora & princess...umm the back of the store. meanwhile in the front of the store, my sister-in-law is getting her ears pierced or should i say RE pierced & not just her ears the cartilage at the top. she had this pireced once before at wal-mart(a BIG no no)it got infected & had to be taken out. the ears get their new "bling" & we are out of monster heaven. if you buy anythign from claire's in the eastdale mall be warned it most likely has monster germs all over it!

i accidentally take the tiny terrorist into a store that sells nothing but little girls clothes. she gets all ADD in this one too, well worse actually. she trys to play with all the toys that are on display & acts like she has never seen candy before(mommy, look at dis! mommy, look what i found!)i don't think i got really look at anything due to prying her off of random store diaplays.

we try to venture through the mall to another store or two but don't stay in any one store for very long because of the terrorism that occurs in each one. people really look at you funny when your kid is using their outside voice in a small store. we also make a trip or a four to the restroom at the pleading of the monster. the phrase "mommy, i gotta peeee!" gets funny looks too.

i wanted so bad to buy the monster something to add to her ever expanding wardrobe but kept being told by the sister-in-law i need to buy something for myself. i took her advice & bought a giant soft pretzel on the way out.

we managed to make it out of the mall without having to stop at the "ferris wheel"(aka the carousel). we only escaped that wait in line becasue i had told the monshter we would on the way out & then the sister-in-law quickly came up with "we can't sweetie. they closed it." & suprisingly the monster was ok with that somehow.

we made it all day with minimal fussing & fighting. ok so not ALL day, just until we got back home. for some reason when we get home she let everyone have it. thankfully i had a headache & took a nap. she woke me up when she cam in screaming & crying because she couldn't go to church with her granny. it was a women's meeting so she had to stay home(no children's church).

all in all a good day out with the monster. 
it always could have been worse.

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