Monday, October 4, 2010

crayons & rollercoasters

hi. welcome to wacko land. i will be your tour guide. please keep your hands & feet & ears & noses inside the ride at all times.

ok, now that all of that is out of the way, let me tell you about the events of the past few ummmm.....days, weeks, whatever it has been(who is counting anyways?).

i have added a new monster to the repertoire, we shall call him #2(yeah a boy, go figure). not its not mine! so pick up your jaw. #2 belongs to a couple that live a few houses down from us. he is a nice kid & 95% of the time the monster gets along with him. #2 enjoys abusing bicycles & playing in the dirt & asking a quadrillion and one questions.

we attempted to go see the puppet show at the library on friday. this was somewhat of a flop. the monsters were really hyped up for it & just couldn't wait to see the puppets & do the dinky craft. we arrive at 10:37am ,the show was supposed to start at 10:30am, but this fateful morning it started at 10am instead. we missed the show but got to color a picture of a cookie. #2 was very disappointed. after everyone left i read them a couple of books & after we went to burger king so they could play.

a new week began with the pair of monsters & so came a new plan. i printed out worksheets, planned a game  & hoped for the best with fingers crossed. eventhough this week beagan on a monday it did not effect my plan. the monsters we basically good & did the works sheets & played the game. they even watched a movie & played outside.  this is #2's first encounter with the world of worksheets & what not so i had no clue what to expect. luckily #2 was excited about this new adventure i was about to take him on.  we are also working on #2's manners, please & thank you are just not his cup of tea.

oh, did i menttion i met my "new" neighbor? yeah well i did & her 4 kids too. the monster & neighbor's little girl get along famously & i think are now best friends. we even went over & roasted marshmallows, it was super awesome! i think the future holds many interesting things with this "new" neighbor.

now don't let me forget the rollercoaster that is my sister-in-law's dating life. that makes me wanna hurl worse than anything at six flags ever could. its up then its down the up & down & up & up & down & up & all around. makes me glad i am no longer a teenager trying to find mr. right or mr. right now or whatever it is girls today are looking for.

here is an interesting tid bit for ya.....
i have a ginormous bucket of crayons that i have had for hundreds of years (i think christopher columbus used them to make his map of america). you would think it would be simple to reach in & grab any color you needed out of this monstrosity. NO!!! its not that dig & dig & dig & you can't find the basic, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black....not in this bucket, fuchsia, teal, purple mountian's majesty, peacock, macaroni & cheese, puce, blazin berry....those are the kinds of colors you find in my crayon bucket...if its glittery or neon i got it in 3's baby!! makes teaching the basic colors kinda hard just incase you were wondering about that.

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