Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fire in the hole...

i remember when i was little i loved to play outside. i could stay outside for hours & hours...also known as locked out of the house (which was ok back then). i could come up with all kinds of games & things to play all by myself. what has happened to kids today? now kids can barely go to the mailbox without turn by turn directions...not that most of them know what a real mailbox even looks like...yeah the real ones that you can touch not the email kind. 

where i am going with  this you may be asking yourself....ants, that is where i am going....my kid is allergic to the lil buggers!  today we had to make an appointment to see her doc because she was bitten & her foot was swollen from it. yup, ants, just your regular everyday ants...ok fire ants maybe but ants either way ya go.  she had 4 or 5 bites on her foot & it  was swollen pretty bad they gave her an antibiotic & some stuff to rub on it...the same stuff they gave her for her diaper rash. after this she is no longer allowed outside with no shoes. the horrible thing about this is that where we live there are tons of ants. the evil little things are everywhere here!! i have never seen a place that had as many ants, well besides an ant farm.
i felt kinda dumb calling the doctor's office this morning about some ant bites. but ya gotta do what ya gotta do i guess. the nurses didn't act like i was insane though so that helped my ego a little. however, i do think they expected something a tiny bit more gruesome than we had to offer them one we got there. by the afternoon the swelling was begining to subside, not much,which it made the bite a smidge less impressive to those in the medical proffesion.

on the bright side of things we have the meds & the foot is getting back to normal now. maybe we can stay away from satan's tiny minions for a while :)

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