Monday, October 18, 2010

oh wait, i think my head exploded...let me clean that up :)

oh my...i need to vent. brace yourself. this has been a rough week. it seems like everything that could go wrong went wrong & then some. thursday was a bit of an over achiever. friday was ok, thanks to my mom & a special person that i shall refer to as the bestie. saturday was just kinda numb.

ok, let me start at the beginning...monday was ...ummmmm...yeah so i don't remember monday so we shall move on to tuesday. tuesday was....other than it being the second day of the week i have no memory of that day either. lets try wednesday. wednesday... wednesday...wednesday... holy carbs batman! i don't remember that one either...oops...well i told you it was a rough week.

so let me tell you about the wonderful thursday i had. the day started out like any other...i got up at 6am & waited for #2 to arrive just like i do every morning. so after a lot of waiting #2's mom finally pulls up in my dimly lit front yard with a screaming & crying #2 in tow. 
 turned out he didn't get his candy bar because he did not want to brush his teeth. welp...this is kinda how the rest of the day was. screaming & crying & telling on one another. the monster & #2 practically fought over the air they were breathing. everything about it was completely ridiculous ... totally... utterly... 100% pure insanity!!! they couldn't be in the same room for longer than five minutes without having a problem of some sort. they fought over what cup the other was going to drink out of, where the monster's camo jacket came from, if it was actually in fact HER jacket, who was gonna drive the four wheeler, if the other one was hungry, & what they wanted to eat...the list could go on & on & on. i finally found a solution to my delima...NAP TIME...or so i thought...#2 took a nap but the monster however did not & she was out to get on my very last nerve apparently. she got into everything & tried her hardest to wake up #2.

i am not sure what i have done in my life that was bad enough to deserve that day as punishment but i pray i can be forgiven cause it must have been horrible whatever it was.

lets move on to friday since it was not nearly as horrific as my thursday.
i didn't have #2 on friday so i got to spend a lil time with the monster. my mom the monster & me went to the library to catch the puppet show (got there early so we wouldn't miss it) they did a rendition of "the lil red hen" that was kind of awesome, complete with special effects.  oh, did i mention i met the bestie there that morning after not seeing her for a whole that was nice & brightened my day. the kiddos sat together during the puppet show & did their crafty thingy together too. the bestie's lil fireball &  my monster are like peas & carrots when they get together..its super cute. after the puppet show we did some shopping at the thrift stores in town & the bestie did the most awesome thing she could have ever done...she took the monster with her to lunch & to play with her lil fireball!!! she let me have some time off!!! the bestie is the GREATEST EVER!! she rescued me after my horrible thursday..what more could you want in a friend!?!?  so me & mom did some shopping & had lunch at a grown up restaurant (it didn't have a play ground inside it) was awesome, like to the max!  after my grown up lunch we all met back up & spent some quality time shopping time together before the bestie had to split.  so with a little help friday turned out much better than my mind numbing thursday.

saturday turned out to be pretty good....except that my brain was still on vacation which meant i could not remember anything or do much of anything right. BUT i got to spend some quality time with the hubby.  our lil monster was basicaly pretty good that day too.
sunday turned out nice, thank the heavens above. i even got to hang out with my mother-in-law some. oh & spent a lil time with my awesome "new" neighbors too....the kids played we talked & it was wonderful. 
now if the construction on my house would stop soon i might make it to see next weekend.

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